The Organisation


The creation of an independent body to oversee the sector was recommended in the University of Mauritius Visitor's report. The reason thereof was two-fold; firstly because the need to encourage research was felt and secondly it was important to prevent duplication of resources.

Hence the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) Act was proclaimed on 15 August 1988. The TEC was setup under an Act of parliament, functioned as a body under the aegis of the Ministry of Education in Dec 1989. In the beginning two Committees saw the day; the Planning Coordinating Committee and the Research Coordinating Committee.

Following major landscape changes in the tertiary education sector, the TEC Act was amended in 2005, bestowing the Commission with additional responsibilities in regard to quality assurance. Since then the Commission endeavours to provide accessible but quality postsecondary education to the future of the Republic of Mauritius.