The Administration Division has the responsibility of developing, implementing and enforcing policies and procedures of the organization that will improve its overall operation and effectiveness.


In respect of Finance, the TEC has the power to do such things as appear requisite and advantageous in furtherance of the objects of the Commission.

Research & Planning

The Research & Planning Division focuses its activities on planning at the tertiary education level; the objective being to ensure that resources being channeled to the sector are judiciously and optimally utilised.

Regulatory Affairs Division

The Regulatory Affairs Division (RAD) has been created as a result of the merger between the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Division and the Distance Education and Open Learning Division. Its mission is to instil confidence in the public and the stakeholders that quality of educational provision and academic standards in higher education are being maintained and enhanced for all modes of delivery ensuring the effective implementation of the TEC Regulatory Framework.

Centre for Instrumentation Services

The role of the CIS is to advise and assist on the choice of equipment/instrument, and on the environment for sophisticated or specialised instrumentation in the Tertiary Education Institutions.