Mission, Vision and Goals

Our Vision

Make Mauritius the Intelligent Island of the Region in the Global Village

Our Mission

Position Mauritius in the Region as a world-class Knowledge Hub and the Gateway for Post-Secondary Education

Our Goals
  1. Create an enabling environment for Mauritius to emerge as a Regional Knowledge Hub and Centre for a Higher Learning and Excellence
  2. Contribute significantly in the rapid transformation of Mauritius into the rank of developed countries
  3. Develop Open and Distance Learning (ODL) as an instrument to increase access to post-secondary education and lifelong learning locally and regionally
  4. Bring post-secondary education provision in line with international standard and quality
  5. Encourage institutions to mount programmes that are relevant to the needs of learners, the country and the region
  6. Promote and enhance teacher education and training in order to raise standards of feeder systems to post-secondary education
  7. Instill the principles of good governance, transparency and accountability in the post-secondary education system
  8. Ensure optimum use of resources in the TEIs
  9. Sustain research and consultancy
  10. Foster regional and international understanding and cooperation through a diversity of studentship and overseas institutions